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  • Leo’s Hammock

    Today Leo used her hammock for the first time!!! I was actually considering taking her hammock out because I never saw her use it. Then I walk in my room and leo’s on her hammock!!! This is the first time I ever saw her use it.

  • Leo is a Girl

    Well, . . . I have some explaining to do. The other day I had leo out and I wanted to make sure he really is a male. Leo was being super calm too so I watched a video on how to sex leopard geckos and I verified he was a she. So yeah leo…

  • Leo’s first post

    HaHa! Guess what I let leo type a post. I let him walk across the key board as I was about to type a post for geckobunnies. He typed up a bunch of random letters and numbers. I thought it was cute so I posted it. Go check it out below. HaHaHa!

  • fkl42

    vxr9[7bcxrxnxv;0 This post is made by Leo

  • Leo’s Second Week

    Hi, guys! So sorry I forgot to give you updates on Leo and by the way he’s doing fine. He did shed so he is a bit more yellow I need to take new photos. I’ve started handling him. He got to eat a dubia roach. It was slightly large for him and the others…

  • LEO (day two)

    Hello, Leo is doing good. We ordered a ceramic heat emitter because his tank is cold. I decided his tank needed more decore he seemed bored so we went to the store. Here are the before and after pictures (down below). before After! After! After!

  • LEO (day 1)

    Hi, Leo is doing good! This morning I gave him 5 crickets. He ate 2 out of 5 crickets and is currently hunting down the others. I thought it might be nice if I included some pictures of him (down below)


    Hi, This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I finally got a leopard gecko! He is a leucitic leopard gecko. I just brought him home from the pet store. He does have a regenerated tail but is still super cute! I will post his first week. I hope he does well!

  • Leo the leopard gecko (part 1)

    Hi, Guess what?! We’ve been pinning down places to get a leopard gecko! The three places to get leopard gecko we’ve found three possible places to buy from. One pet store supposedly has two males, a tangerine and a normal both 2 years old. Another pet store has three unsexed 3-4 months old. The last…

  • The Leopard Gecko

    So, if you’ve read my post you’ve heard me briefly talk about a leopard gecko. You’re probably wondering what I am really talking about. Well here’s what I’m talking about. When I turn 10, the promise is I will get a leopard gecko. Yes! I have a 40 gallon tank in my room for him.…